View So Far

This week we are going to be debuting a new feature called “View So Far”, where we’re going to talk about our impressions of games that we’ve been playing. This won’t be a standard review that you’ll find on most websites though. We could be writing about classic games, modern games, or something that is just in our backlog. We’ll also be splitting our opinion into certain categories we think matter most to casual gamers, such as “value for money”, “time commitment" and “what we like/dislike”.

So, to help us get a better idea of the structure of we’d like to know what matters most to you when you’re considering purchasing or playing a game? What elements of a game do you want to know about most when you’re reading a review?

Also, we’ve recently set up a Discord server, we’d love it if you could join us there to chat! Don’t forget to check out our latest developer interview too.